Music I’ve Been Loving (Again!)

Hey all!! As its winter break, I’ve really not been doing much of anything. Additionally, I don’t have wifi at the house where I’m staying, so I’ve been walking up to a nearby Starbucks whenever I need to do anything online. Hence the highly infrequent updates over the past couple of weeks. I have, however, taken some time to listen to some new music, so I thought I’d share some of my favorites!

First up, Electric Guest’s This Head I Hold is a really fun song! I have it on my spin cycle playlist!

Someone recommended AWOLNATION to me, and I really like his music!! I’ve been listening to Jump on my Shoulders and People the most!

The Vaccines’ Teenage Icon, No Hope, and I Always Knew are all fantastic songs!!

Anyway, those are just some of the songs that I’ve been listening to a lot recently!!

Have a great day!

How to Self-Publish a Cookbook

Hey everyone!! I’ve just finished with the semester so I thought I’d take some time to write about my personal experience with self-publishing my cookbook. I personally used Amazon’s CreateSpace option, which I am glad that I chose. The publishing process with CreateSpace is a fairly customizable one, meaning that you can choose what services, if any, you would like to purchase. It is entirely possible to publish through CreateSpace without paying for any of their services. As I was not seeking to make a career out of writing and publishing, I chose this option.

Once you’ve made a CreateSpace account, you can start a project. This means that you set the title of the book that you want to publish, as well as begin filling in any of the information that you do already have about the book. CreateSpace offers to assign an ISBN number to your book for free, or you can pay for one if you would prefer that option. Additionally, you can design your cover using templates provided by CreateSpace. I believe that there are some simple templates offered to all users, or you can opt to purchase a more complex template. The templates themselves are also customizable, for example, the photograph on the cover of my book is my own. You can also choose if the cover will have a gloss or a matte finish.


For the interior portion of the book, CreateSpace offers free templates that you can download that will ensure that the content of the book fits certain printing requirements based on the size that you would like for your book to be. You can then simply type your content into the template, and upload it to the CreateSpace page for your book. The submitted interior then goes through an analysis to determine whether or not there will be any problems with the formatting of the interior of the book when it goes to print. After this process, you will be sent an email and then have the opportunity to do an online 3D review of your book as well as to order a proof copy for review. At this stage, CreateSpace offers a paid professional review of the book, if you so choose. When you’re happy with the way the interior looks and have eliminated any grammatical errors, you can then choose to publish.

Upon publishing, you are given the opportunity to determine the distribution of the book. It will always be available on Amazon and its affiliates, and you will also be given a personal CreateSpace store. You can also choose to make your book available for order by bookstores and libraries. You can also opt to purchase a marketing plan here.

Once your book is published, you can easily track sales and royalties on your CreateSpace homepage. You will also receive emails letting you know when you are about to get a royalty payment. Since CreateSpace is publish on demand, there is also no worry about ending up with an excess or having a shortage of copies of your book.

Overall, my experience with CreateSpace publishing has been fantastic! I really love that I didn’t have to pay for anything, since again, I am not looking to make a career out of book sales. I had been looking at other self-publishing packages that charged quite a bit of money, which for me, was just not feasible as I’m still in college. However, if you do want more professional services, CreateSpace definitely seems to provide them! Also, there is a pretty great online community with CreateSpace where you can ask questions about anything regarding the publishing or sales process.

Also, you can check out my cookbook here, or here, if you feel so inclined! For the rest of the holiday season, you can use the promotion code C4AVYWEC to get 30% off the full price!! Also, if anyone out there is looking to go into self-publishing, I would most definitely recommend CreateSpace, and if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below, or email me at!